Terms and conditions

LESSES and LESSOR agrees that:

  • It is the LESSES’s responsibility to notify de LESSOR, in writing of any change of address.
  • Either party may terminate this agreement by giving a minimum TWENTY (20) days prior written notice.
  • The LISSOR insurance does not provide any coverage on the stored goods of the LESSEE.
  • LESSEE shall not store flammable material or goods, explosives, perishable foodstuffs, contraband, live animals, material or goods which emit odours, and shall not repair automobiles or do similar type of work in the leased premises.
  • LESSEE shall not use said premises for any unlawful purposes.
  • LESSEE shall pay a late charge of twenty-five ($25.00) on rent not paid on due date. Charges for N.S.F. cheques are $35.00 per returned item.
  • LESSOR shall have the right to enter sais premises at times of emergency or perceived emergency, or to inspect or do repairs, and if necessary, LESSOR shall have the right to move LESSES’s goods to another place of equal size and rent at no cost to LESSEE and advise LESSEE to that effect.
  • LESSEE hereby gives LESSOR a lien and security interest in all of LESSEE’s property stored at said premises and in case of default in the payments of rent for a period of ninety (90) days after the rent becomes due. LESSOR is hereby authorized to seize and take possession of LESSEE’s property and to cut or break LESSEE’s lock and to sell LESSEE’s goods at public or private sale for payment of rent or sums due to LESSOR including reasonable costs of sale and attorneys fees, and the balance of the proceeds, if any shall be paid to LESSEE. LESSEE shall be liable for any deficiency remaining after the sale of said goods.